Testimonials and Words of Encouragement

Along with Chairman Irvin J. Borowsky, and Laurie Wagman Borowsky, I enjoyed an audience with the Holy Father on March 25, 1992. I thanked him for his commitment to the ideals of Vatican II initiated by Pope John XXIII and especially for his recognition that God has not forsaken his promises to the Jews (see Romans 11:1). Along with him I wish to affirm that “every authentic prayer is called forth by the Holy Spirit, who is mysteriously present in the heart of every person.” These sentiments seem appropriate as I recall Borowsky’s comments to the Holy Father, when he presented him with a leather copy of the American Interfaith Institute’s Artists Confronting the Inconceivable: “With you I pray that never again shall millions of children, Jews and Christians, be murdered because of their race or religion.”

— J. H. Charlesworth

“It was a pleasure to attend and to hear you in person at the 15th National Workshop on Christian-Jewish Relations in Stamford, CT. Your workshop on the translation of the Bible is a key component to helping the Christian community through its preachers and pastors to eradicate anti-Judaism in the pulpit.”

— Rev. Alfred Burnham, Director, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

“His holiness Pope John Paul II acknowledges the gift of the Contemporary English Version of the Bible which you sent to him on behalf of the American Interfaith Institute. He appreciates your kind gesture and the ongoing research of the Institute.”

— Msgr. L. Sandri, Assessor, Secretariat of State, Vatican

“I received the American Interfaith Institute’s work on removing Anti-Judaism from the Bible. Your fine work certainly entitles you to the gratitude of the generations to come.”

— Walter Annenberg, Publisher & Philanthropist

“This is a letter about 30 years late. That is a long time to be silent about anti-Semitism in the following four words: Old Testament – New Testament. I knew the Old wasn’t old and the New wasn’t better because it was called New. So my silence is over.”

— David Granskou, Ontario, Canada

“Your presentation to the Plenary Session of the Committee on the Uniform Series in San Antonio helped us to address some issues from a different perspective as we developed the lesson outlines.”

— Mary A. Love, Dept. of Church School Literature, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Charlotte, NC

“I would like to receive additional copies of your book on anti-Semitism.”

— Daniel Akin, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

“In renewing my warm gratitude, I express my most warm wishes to you on the activities of the American Interfaith Institute.”

— Pierre Duprey, Vice-President, Vatican Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews

“We thank you for your gift i.e. 10 copies of the book ‘Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit,’ edited thanks to the efforts of the American Interfaith Institute. We are kindly informing you that they will be given to the theological libraries of Warsaw.”

— Andrzej F. Dziuba, Sekretariat, Prymasa Polski, ul. Miodowa 17, 00 – 246 Warsaw

“Earlier this year, you sent several copies of your excellent book, Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit, to be distributed among Christian clergy of the Hyde Park and Kenwood Interfaith Council in Chicago, of which I am president. I know that many of us made very good use of that resource.I am writing to you now regarding the Alliance of Baptists, a national movement of liberal Baptists (many of them breakaways from the Southern Baptist Convention). We are a small (about 250 churches representing about 62,000 people) but a prophetic and energetic group. Two years ago, at our convocation in Vienna, Va., following a moving worship service on the grounds of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, we adopted a statement on Christian-Jewish relations. That same year, we initiated a committee on Interfaith Relations of which I am now the chairperson. This committee has thus far attempted to lead the Alliance in trying to articulate our theology of dialogue with people of living faiths. At our next convocation, in March, 1998, in Washington, DC, we will attempt to have a real dialogue session with Jews. Two weeks from today, the Alliance Board of Directors is meeting. In my preparation for that event, may we receive copies of Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit to distribute to the Board?”

— Shanta Premawardhana: Cornell Baptist Church Chicago, Illinois

“I compliment you on your initiative with the Institute and with Explorations. My eyesight and health (at 91) exclude my activity in such matters. But as a New Testament teacher I am convinced that much can be learned about the critical cleavage which is important for theology as well as amity.”

— Professor Amos N. Wilder. Professor of New Testament Interpretation. Emeritus Harvard Divinity School.

“I applaud your efforts in this undertaking and sincerely wish you every success in contributing to Jewish-Christian relations carried on in the context of mutual respect, genuine integrity, and a fraternal spirit.”

— Professor James E. Wood, Jr.. Simon and Ethel Bunn Professor of Church-State Studies. Director, J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies. Baylor University