8th Birthday Quotes – 32 Birthday Wishes and Messages for 8 Years Olds

8th Birthday Quotes: Birthday is a day filled with excitement and joy and especially when you feel yourself grown-up. After the 8th Birthday, a baby becomes a child and that is an awesome feeling in itself. Even kids don’t understand this but they always think of this day as a playful and remarkable day on which they are sure to get gifts and surprises. To wish your son or daughter, nephew or niece, we have added amazing wishes and quotes on 8th Birthday for your prince and princess.

8th Birthday Quotes

Have fun today and always. Love, game, smile! Enjoy your birthday a lot, and never forget that the world’s best thing is to see the world with a child’s eyes. Congratulations on your 8 years birthday!

Not 8 weeks or 8 months, 8 years!! Damn, how I wish I could be like you. Cheers dear, you are loved.

Today you will wake up and discover you’re eight years old already. You can expect eight sloppy kisses, eight warm hugs, and eight ticklish pokes from me today then! I love you, kiddo. I hope you have the most rockin’ birthday!

Even though 8 is considered to be the number of balance, you, my dear, are the most unbalanced 8 years old there is. I still love you just the way you are though, and I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.’

You were a totally dependent baby yesterday, and today you are already a child capable of 1008 things. I’m so proud of you! And I hope that the way your inspiring child stays in your heart forever. Congratulations!

8th Birthday Quotes

If we were in chemistry, you’d be oxygen, since its atomic number is 8! But even though we are not, and you may not be oxygen, but to my life, you are equally as important. Happy birthday my love!

You’re growing so fast that it’s almost difficult to keep up. It seems like yesterday that you were a little baby, and today you are completing 8 years of life. May our lords bless you today tomorrow, and I love you forever.

8 years! That’s 2 Presidential terms. That’s gotta be a sign. Happy Birthday your Excellency.

Waking up every day and seeing your bright, sunny smile every morning is easily the highlight of my day. Thank you for being my little ray of sunshine for the past eight years. You do a phenomenal job at it. I love you so much, honey. Have a happy 8th birthday!

Honest, successful, and handsome are just a few adjectives I use to describe my darling son. This is your special day and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

For each of the 8 candles on your cake today, I hope a wish comes true! You deserve the best of the best and I want you to always remember that. Happy birthday!

I also wish you to learn many new things and enjoy every second of your 8 years! Your energy and your smile are things that inspire all people, so never lose your way that is so special!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the super-8year old! Cooler than a superhero! Hotter than the sun! Older than all 7 years old on the planet for at least one day! Ready to conquer the world! Happy birthday!

Hey! It’s the birthday mate! He just clocked 8. Wow, this is great. Let us celebrate and jubilate, till the night gets late. I just can’t wait.

Wow! That’s great, you just turned eight! The only thing appropriate now is to celebrate till the night gets late! So happy birthday mate!

Eight years ago, you came into this world and made everything more beautiful and magical. Even if it cost us sleepless nights and a messy household, you are so completely worth it. Happy 8th birthday, you little rascal. I love you to death!

You’re the first 8 years old in your class, treat your younger ones (classmates) well. Happy Birthday!

In your remaining days on earth, I sincerely hope that you are filled with love and happiness and that all your wishes come true because that is the only thing an amazing 8-year-old like you deserves. Happy birthday!

Happy 8th birthday to the coolest boy in school!

Ride your bicycle, tell all the kids around the block you’ve clocked 8th. They won’t hate, they will celebrate.

May your 8th birthday be the best you’ve ever had, filled with fun games, delicious food, great music, and wonderful surprises. I wish that all your wishes will also come true today! Happy 8th birthday!

Happy 8th birthday to the sweetest princess in town!

Little games full of laughter, exciting surprises, sounds of joy, hugs of tenderness, fun music, and many friends. All those are the ingredients that will mix in your party. Happy 8th birthday!

You truly are my life’s biggest miracle. I’m so thankful that God blessed me with such a wonderful child like you. I pray that you will grow up to be a kind and gentle soul with a big heart. I’m so proud of you, my darling. Never forget that I love you, and you will always have a friend in me. Happy 8th birthday!

Oxygen, Atomic number 8, gives breath. You, 8 years old, breathtaking. You both provide balance like no other and can’t imagine life without you. Cheers to your new age.

Today you graduate from being a 7-year-old. You are being promoted to an 8-year-old. Get ready for your whole life to change. Just kidding. It will still feel like you’re seven, only you grow a little taller and a wee bit wiser. Hope you enjoy today. Happy 8th birthday!

My wish for a gorgeous angel like you is to always find the toys you want so you won’t cry again. 🙂 Happy 8th Birthday sweetie.

You are 8 years old now! Wish a rocking birthday party to the little hero.

You have redecorated our house with drawings everywhere. Music is different now, just like TV shows. Everything has changed since you joined our family, and that is why we love you! Happy 8th birthday, daughter!

Dearie, I cannot begin to describe the joy I feel in my heart when I look at you and what you have become, you are 8 now and I could be more proud of the person you are. Have the best party ever.

However, your eyes continue to shine with the light of innocence, and I still see you as a baby. Happy eighth birthday!

Guess what? It’s your birthday! Today we celebrate you and your awesomeness. There will be plenty of cake and ice cream, so you can invite your friends to come over. If you’re lucky, you may even receive the best birthday present ever. I love you, kiddo! Thank you for being such a wonderful little boy. Enjoy your day. Happy 8th birthday!

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